1What is the duration of the activities?
The duration of our program is five days.
2Do we need to bring our own costumes?
For the duration of the program itself you will wear monastic habits, which will be provided for by the organizer of the events.
3Is the city of Sevnica easily accessible?
If you arrive by flight, we will arrange the pick up at the central airport, but if you have your own transportation, the journey is quite simple.
4Is the safety of my property provided for?
Yes, during the activities, it will be locked up under strict surveillance.
5How does LARP work?
The participants will be playing the role of a monk, based on a scenario, which will be monitored by the moderator, who willl also adjust the cript if necessary.
6How will we communicate?
The communication will be limited in accordance with the script and will generally procede in english, but other arrangements are possible.
7Do I have to donate in order to participate in the activities?
No, a donation isn't obligatory, but you do have to book the dates one month in advance with paid deposit.
8I find the concept interesting, do I have to donate?
No, but as the creators of project Out of digital noise we will be very glad if you spread the word among your social networks.
9What are the options if I want to prolong my stay in Slovenia?
If you are interested in prolonging your stay in the country or region, we can provide all the information or personalize arrangements to your wishes and requirements.

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