A week in a monastery

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about leaving the hustle and bustle of civilization behind for a few days to go to a place where you could calm down? To a place where you could let go of the baggage of demands of the modern everyday life that you must keep up with if you want to endure the fierce pace of work and leisure? To a place where you would regain strength you need to be able to act with a better focus to achieve the greatest operational efficiency in the digital world?

If you want to live in the here and now for a week and turn off your smartphone, you have an original option at your disposal. We offer you the privilege intended only for the chosen ones. For a week, you can experience all shades of monastic life.

Thus, you will find your peace, increase your focus and discover that mobile phone is merely a gadget and not a part of who you are as a person. Upon the return to the normal rhythm of your life, you will find it much easier to say “no” to the unimportant things, to more effectively eliminate disturbing factors that hinder you on the way to the realization of your business and personal goals. You will be able to look at fear, anger and other destructive emotions with some distance and devote the energy they are taking away from you to solving the challenges. You will see mistakes as opportunities to act and make progress. You will appreciate your achievements and realize that everything can be improved and upgraded.

You will experience the monastic rhythm by the actualization of the LARP concept - Live Action Role Playing - i.e. playing the role of a monk which will bring valuable experiences and insights into the possibility of living without a constant connection to the digital world. LARP is being increasingly used to enrich the tourist offer. It includes performing as fantasy and realistic characters with the aim of experience, entertainment, storytelling, education and creation of a community. While participants dress up in appropriate costumes, historical buildings and natural attractions serve as the scenery. The basis of your LARP will be the daily schedule of life in a monastery.

Safe and stress free

Monastic LARP will take place in a secure environment where we will recreate a small monastic community. Each participant will choose an activity most appealing to him which will be conducted during the working hours. He will read and meditate on spiritual texts which substantially conform to his values. To relive this monastic experience, you do not have to practice any religion whatsoever, since the essence of the monastic week is pure relaxation and filling up your (metaphorical) batteries in an environment that is radically different from the modern world, teeming with a variety of digital devices.

By reliving the role of a monk, you will - for a week - cease to be a slave to time since every obligation during the day will be announced by the bell. Stress caused by an overcrowded schedule will fall off your shoulders. You will come to feel a genuine connection with yourself and your biorhythm. You will perceive how our ancestors in pre-industrial times felt when they were caught up in their natural rhythms as they woke up at dawn and went to sleep at dusk. Nowadays, we cannot imagine this, therefore, the monastery LARP will appear to us even more profound and overwhelming.
Upon the arrival to the improvised monastery, you will receive monastic clothes and accessories and tools you will need in all your daily assignments and adventures. The moderator, who will be responsible for following a pre-prepared scenario based on the traditional Benedictine schedule, will monitor the course of events at every moment. If necessary, he will adjust the scenario but the common thread to all this will remain the same - to disconnect from the digital jungle. At the end of the monastic week, you will exchange experiences with other participants and you will confide them to the moderator as well. For the successful completion of tasks, you will receive a diploma and return to your work and private environment enriched by new experiences. You will immediately feel the positive change brought on by inner calm.

»Today's overload of digital stimuli takes a toll on people in many different ways. This is why we, at Log out, promote an occasional digital diet, that is, for people to disconnect from digital noise and consciously retreat to the oasis of peace, where they turn off their devices and don't have the access to the internet, so that one can focus on inner emotional experiences without a digital medium. This is why we salute the project Out of digital noise.«

Petra Belina, Log out, 1st slovenian center for digital addiction help and treatment

»As someone on the autism spectrum, I can testify to the fact that there is a huge difference in my own mental and physical health when I am LARPing once a month versus not doing so. Friends I know in and of "the LARP ciommunity" would be able to testify to this difference. I am also much more accepted for who I am IG (in game), then I am OOG (out of game).«

Jasmine Leicester, UK, on LARPing

The operation is partly funded by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund.

Title of operation: Out of digital noise

Contact Person: Vukašin Šobot (vukasin@no-digital-noise.com)

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